P. F. Services Sells, Installs & Services Lube Equipment used in Automotive Service Garages

Automotive Lube Equipment

P. F. Services installs, repairs and services all types and brands of lube equipment, such as Lincoln, Samson, Balcrank, Alemite, and others. We are located in Upland, California and offer installation and repair service throughout southern California.

Lincoln Lubrication Products:

  • Lincoln Fluid Control - authorization, management and recording of fluids used to service the growing fleets of private and commercial vehicles
  • General Lubrication Pumps - medium and high pressure pumps used for pumping lubricants and other fluids
  • Hose Reels - standard, heavy-duty, and high flow hose reels. Reel cabinets, lubrication stations.
  • Control Valves and Meters - control valves, dispensing meters, manual controls, digital preset metering systems
  • Used Fluid Systems - drains, pressurized evacuation units, filter crushers and more
  • PowerLuber® - battery-powered grease gun
  • Grease Guns - manual, air-operated and battery-operated grease guns
  • Grease Fittings and Accessories - Bullneck fittings plus many more configurations

Samson Lube Equipment:

  • LubeMaster - Portable lubrication equipment including oil, gear, ATF, and grease systems. Mechanical and electronic control handles, used oil drains, hand pumps and specialty extraction/evacuation units.
  • PumpMaster - Air-operated reciprocating pumps, transfer pumps, diaphragm pumps for the transfer of oil, gear fluid, ATF, grease, specialty pumps and pump accessories.
  • ReelMaster - Industrial grade dual arm hose reels for dispensing lubrication fluids,air or water. Enclosed reels, manual rewind reels and oxygen acetylene reels.
  • ProMaster - Lever style and pistol type grease guns, barrel pumps, funnels, couplers, adapters, swivels, accessories and grease fittings.
  • WorkMaster - Shop furniture - workbenches, locking tool cabinets, tool boards and tool carts.
  • ControlMaster - Fluid inventory control and fluid management system.

Balcrank Lubrication Systems:

  • Pumps - Panther HP, Tiger HP, Lion HP, Grease Inductor Systems, Air Operated Pumps, Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps, Macnaught Brookins Pumps, Portable Oil Dispensers, Pressurized Oil Dispensers, Used Oil Evacuation
  • Reels - For vehicle service: low-pressure air/water, medium pressure oil and automatic transmission fluid, and high-pressure grease.
  • Drains - Waste Oil Recovery Equipment, Pit Boss, 55 Gallon Drain Outfit, Air Operated Oil Evacuator, Roughneck II, Spillguard
  • Control Handles - metered or non-metered
  • Fluid Inventory Control

Alemite Lubrication Products

  • Fittings - Alemite Standard, Metric and AS Fittings are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are made from the highest grade materials. The AS Fittings meet the AS 35411 Aerospace Standard
  • Grease Guns - Reliable tools which withstand your work environment demands and improve operating efficiency.
  • Pumps - Alemite Pumps pprovide reliable consistent performance to keep your operation running.
  • Centralized Lubrication System - Reliable lubrication for your equipment needs.
  • Reels - A reliable way of putting lubricants and fluids within easy reach.
  • Control Valves and Meters - Electronic and manual meters provide precise measurement of fluids and full control of fluid flow at your fingertips.
  • Compressed Air Components - Accurately and reliably regulate, clean, dry and lubricate the air going into your system.
  • Fluid Management - Monitor fluid use and inventory, providing cost savings and operational efficiency.
  • Used Fluid Handling Equipment - Quickly and safely remove and dispense fluids without the need of a separate pumping system.