Complete Fleet and Commercial Garage Services - Serving Southern California since 1999

PF Services, Inc.

We offer a complete service solution for commercial and fleet garage equipment, including:

Fuel Island / Underground Storage Tank (UST) / Above Ground Storage Tank (AST):


  • Annual Monitoring Certifications
  • Annual R461 Testing (AQMD Vapor Recovery Testing)
  • SB989 Testing (Secondary Containment Testing)
  • Line Leak Detector Testing
  • Designated Underground Storage Tank Systems Operator Inspections (DUSTO Inspections).

UST / AST Service:

  • Repair USTs (Underground Storage Tanks)
  • Troubleshooting UST problems
  • Retrofit Underground Storage Tanks with pipes, dispensers, monitoring systems, etc. 

Other Fuel Island Service:

  • Fuel island repair, troubleshooting and retrofitting in Southern California
  • Replace fuel island hoses, nozzles, breakaways, retractors, etc.

Emergency Generator Diesel Tank Services:

  • Diesel fuel sampling - test diesel fuel for contaminants
  • Diesel tank cleaning - clean emergency generator diesel fuel tanks
  • Diesel fuel filtration - fuel filtration systems for diesel fuel
  • Diesel fuel tank polishing
  • Fuel treatment

MAHA Automotive Lifts:

We sell, install, repair, and perform preventative maintenance on MAHA lifts. We are also certified by the Automotive Lift Institute as an ALI-certified inspector.

Hydraulic Automotive Hoists and Lifts:

We perform repairs, installations, and preventative maintenance on most brands of above-ground and in-ground car lifts and automotive hoists including ARI-Hetra, Rotary Lifts, Western Hoist, BendPak lifts, Benwil lifts, and others. 

Lube Equipment:

We repair and install lube reels and other lube equipment from Lincoln, Balcrank, Graco, ARO, Alemite, Samson, and others.

Air Compressors:

We provide preventative maintenance and safety inspections, repairs, and installation on many brands of air compressors such as Ingersoll-Rand, Quincy, Champion and others.

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